Industrial Intelligence

We shared these intelligence targets to help the clients understand more about the China digital landscape.


1.  The 38th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China

An regular report released by CNNIC,  China Internet Network Information Center, disclosing the Internet development data of China by July of 2016


2. White Paper on Travellers – The Rise of Social Travel 2013

Understand how Chinese social media becomes the most important booster to stimulate modern people’s desire for travel.


3. The Chinese Luxury Traveler 2014

A report calculates the number of Chinese luxury travelers, evaluates their
consumption patterns, travel habits as well as key market trends over 2014.


4. Social media development in China from 2008-2014

A fast catch up with the social media development in China since 2008.


5. Sina Weibo Overview 2013 (User Behavior) Chinese Version

An user behavior study released by Sina Weibo Data Center. Understand what Weibo users really looking for from brands and their response accordingly.